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A La carte menu

available every day

all day


All starters served with warm bread



Cacik (Tzatziki) £4.25

Yoghurt and Cucumber Dip with garlic, Olive Oil & Fresh mint


Humus £4.50

Chickpeas & Sesame Seed Dip with Garlic and Olive Oil topped up with chick peas

Tarama (Taramosalata) £4.50

Homemade Rich and Creamy Smoked Roe Dip

Beetroot and Fresh Mint £4.50

Beetroot and Fresh Mint Salad topped up with Feta Cheese served on a Bed of Rocket

Ephesus Aubergine £4.95

Oven cooked diced aubergines, onion, peppers, olive oil, garlic and aged vinegar

Dolma (Stuffed Vine Leaves) £4.75

Homemade Stuffed Vine leaves with Aromatic Rice, Pine Nuts, Currants and Fresh Herbs

Imam Bayildi with Feta Cheese £4.50

Stuffed Aubergine with Onions and Peppers in a Tomato and Flat Leaf Parsley Sauce, Served

with Salad Garnish

Mediterranean Tuna Salad £4.95

Tuna, Borlotti Beans, Red onion, Garlic, mixed Peppers, Lemon Juice & Olive Oil

Ephesus Prawn Cocktail £4.95

King Prawns in Marie Rose Sauce on a bed of Tri-Colour House Salad & Fresh Lemon

Ephesus Trio £7.50

Tarama, Humus and Cacik(Tzatziki)


Soup of the Day £3.95

Homemade, Fresh and Daily Prepared

BBQ Chicken wings £4.50

4 pcs of marinated chargrilled chicken wings

Served with Salad Garnish

Garlic Mushroom £4.50

Button Mushrooms cooked with garlic, double cream

and White Wine Sauce

Feta and Spinach Borek £4.75

Tangy Feta Cheese, Spinach & Fresh Dill Pastry

Rolls Golden Fried and served with Salad Garnish

Garlic Bread £3.25 with Cheese £3.95

Grilled slices of Garlic Ciabatta served with salad garnish

Bruschetta £4.45

Toasted Ciabatta slices topped with chopped

Tomato, Red Onion, Garlic, Fresh Basil

Grilled Sucuk (Turkish tasty sausage) £4.75

Grilled sucuk served with salad garnish

Grilled Hellim (Haloumi) £5.20

Grilled Halloumi Cheese served with Fresh

Tomato and Salad

Calves Liver a la Turca £6.20

Sautéed Diced Milk Fed Calves’ Liver Ottoman Style

Bianchetti Fritti (White bait) £4.95

Golden Fried Whitebait in Breadcrumbs served

with Tartar Sauce and Lemon Wedge

Calamari Rings £5.50

Golden Fried Squid Rings served with a crispy

mixed lettuce Salad, Tartar Sauce and Lemon Wedge

Grilled Sardines Crostini £5.20

2pcs of boneless grilled sardines served on

toasted garlic ciabatta bread and salad garnish

Spicy Tiger Prawns £6.25

Sautéed Tiger Prawns with Tomato, Chilli, Garlic & Fresh Basil

Cold Meze Platter for two £12.50 or four for £17.50

Tarama, Humus, Cacik(Tzatziki), Stuffed Vine Leaves, Ephesus Aubergine and Beetroot Feta Cheese

Hot Meze Platter for two £13.50 or four for £17.95

Feta and Spinach Borek, Haloumi, White bait, Calamari Rings, Spicy Beef Sausage and Humus Dip


Authentic Charcoal Grills

All served with rice, homemade chilli salsa and salad.

Spicy Chicken Wings £9.95

10 Marinated chargrilled chicken wings

Chicken Shish £11.75

Marinated diced chicken breast

Lamb Ribs £11.95

Succulent lamb ribs grilled over charcoal

Lamb Kofte or Chicken Kofte £11.75

Spicy minced lamb or chicken threaded onto skewers, grilled to perfection

Lamb Shish £14.95

Marinated cubes of lamb fillets threaded onto skewers and grilled

Combo Grill £14.95

Marinated 2cubes of lamb, 3 chicken cubes and lamb kofte

Lamb Cutlets £15.75

Grilled sumac spice scented  best end lamb cutlets

Scotch Sirloin or Rib Eye Steak £16.95

Pan fried aged scotish sirloin or rib eye steak (10oz)

served with grilled tomato, mushroom, french

fries and salad. Peppercorn extra £1.50

Mixed Grill £16.50

Selection of grills including lamb, chicken, kofte,

chicken wings and lamb cutlet

Special Platter

for 2 persons £40.00

for 4 persons £65.00

Huge platter combining with chicken shish, lamb shish,

chicken kofte, lamb kofte, lamb ribs & chicken wings.

Served with rice and salad.

seafood specials

Grilled Salmon £12.95

Fillet of salmon served with salad garnish and sautéed

new potatoes, try our homemade spicy tomato &

green olive sauce extra £1.50

Halibut £14.50

Grilled halibut with lemon and parsley sauce served

with sautéed potatoes and mixed vegetables

Grilled Sea Bass £14.50

Whole sea bass on the bone served with salad

garnish, sautéed potatoes and homemade tartar sauce

(filleted on request)

Mediterranean King Prawns £15.50

Mediterranean king prawns with garlic butter in a herb

and white wine sauce served with sautéed potatoes

and seasonal vegetables

Sea Bass Dream £13.95

Fillets of sea bass with mushroom, cream sauce served

with sautéed potatoes and seasonal vegetables

Ephesus Seafood £15.95

Marinated fillet of sea-bass, king prawns, salmon and

calamari grilled, served with sautéed potatoes and salad garnish

House Specialities

Meat Moussaka (Traditional) £11.25

Layered vegetables and minced meat topped with

béchamel sauce and cheese served with salad

Lamb or Chicken Casserole £11.25

A traditional Turkish dish with potato, carrots,

peppers, onion, aubergine, tomato and secret blend of

spices cooked together in a clay pot served with rice

Chicken or Lamb beyti (Traditional) £12.25

Grilled lamb or chicken kofte wrapped with tortilla

bread served with tomato sauce, yoghurt, garlic and oregano butter

Aubergine Dome £11.95

Oven-baked boneless lamb cooked with mushrooms

and peppers wrapped in slices of aubergine, cooked

in tomato sauce and served with rice

Lamb or Chicken Iskender £12.95/£11.95

Grilled lamb or chicken served on croutons with tomato

sauce, yoghurt, flaked chilli peppers and oregano

Kleftiko (lamb shank) £14.95

A large succulent piece of lamb on the bone

slowly cooked in the oven with fresh vegetables and

baby potatoes served with rice

Mediterranean Chicken £13.95

Chicken breast flamed with brandy in cream sauce

with prawns, red peppers and mushroom served

with sautéed potatoes

Veal Escalope £14.95

Cooked in lemon, white wine and Crean sauce. Served

with fresh vegetables and sautéed baby potato

Ephesus Special

Meze Lovers £15.50 per person (min 2)

6 Cold meze, 6 hot meze

Cold meze: humus, tzatziki, Ephesus aubergine,

stuffed vine leaves, beetroot with feta cheese,

Hot meze: Grilled hellim, feta borek, spicy beef

sausage, garlic mushroom, calamari ring

Meat Lovers £20.50 per person (min 2)

6 Cold meze, 3 hot meze and a main course

Cold meze: humus, tarama, tzatziki, stuffed vine leaves, beetroot

Hot meze: feta borek, grilled hellim, spicy sausage

Main course: mixed grill, 4 tender chicken cubes,

4 lamb cubes, Lamb Kofte, 4 chicken wings with rice

and salad to share

Fish Lovers £21.50 per person (min 2)

6 Cold meze, 3 hot meze and a main course

Cold meze: humus, tarama, tzatziki, Ephesus aubergine, tuna salad

Hot meze: sardines, calamari ring and white bait

Main course: a whole grilled sea bass with grilled

prawns. Served with sautéed potatoes and salad to share

Vegetarian Dishes

Imam Bayildi with Feta Cheese £10.50

Baked aubergine stuffed with onions and

peppers in a rich tomato and parsley sauce

topped up with feta

Vegetarian Moussaka £10.50

Selection of vegetables in tomato sauce

topped with béchamel sauce and cheese

Vegetarian Platter £11.50

Cacik(tzatki), humus, beetroot with feta

cheese, dolma, spinach feta borek, and

grilled hellim

Vegetarian Kebab £10.50

Courgette, mushrooms, peppers, onions &

herbs. Cooked on charcoal with olive oil


Grilled Hellim(Haloumi) Salad £11.95

Grilled hellim cheese on mixed leaves and

fresh herbs served orange segments, mixed

peppers, red onion, olive oil with sautéed

potatoes and fresh orange juice dressing

Classic Chicken Caesar Salad £11.95

Very crisp Romaine lettuce with croutons

and shaved parmesan topped with grilled chicken breast.

Salmon A’La Nicoise Salad £12.95

Grilled fillet of salmon on a classic A’La Nicoise,

capers, fine beans, olives, sliced boil egg with mixed leaves


Carrots £2.95

Fine Green Beans £2.95

Broccoli £2.95

Mixed Vegetables £2.95

Sautéed potato/Chips £2.95

Potato wedges £2.95

Sweet potato £3.25

Rice £2.95

Garlic mushroom £2.95

Yoghurt £2.50

Mixed leaves salad £3.25

Greek salad £3.95

Mixed olives £2.50